How To Build Raised Garden Beds Insanely Cheap

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Looking for ways to DIY and build raised garden beds cheap? We all know that garden boxes or raised vegetable garden beds can be super pricey from the garden supply stores. But you can build your own raised garden beds cheap and best of all it’s super easy to do!

Raised beds are great for the beginner gardener as well as the seasoned gardener too. I use strictly raised beds on our homestead.

raised garden bed built and ready to fill with garden soil

Benefits Of Raised Beds

In addition to being cheap to build, there are many benefits to gardening in them. Here’ just a few:

  • No tilling necessary
  • Great for small spaces or urban homesteads
  • Drain very well
  • Keep weeds in the pathways so there is less weeding required
  • Easy on the back since they can be built waist high with legs
  • Look really nice and controlled
  • Soil warms earlier so planting can be done earlier
  • They are not walked in therefore soil is not compacted
  • You have total control of the soil that goes into the beds
  • Great remedy for gardening on a slope

What Vegetables Can Be Grown In Raised Garden Beds?

All vegetables can be grown in a raised bed, since you have complete control of the soil.

But one thing to keep in mind is the depth of soil inside the raised beds. If it is a 6 inch deep bed, carrots will most likely not do well, but vegetables such as green beans would do great.

Some other vegetables that will grow very well in raised beds are:

Just to name a few. There are many others as too!

What kind of Wood Should Be used?

Since our homestead is an organic homestead, I don’t advise anyone to use pressure treated lumber. I realize the EPA does say that it is “safe” to build raised beds with it, but we still prefer not to.

The best wood to use for building raised beds is one that is rot-resistant like cedar, oak, locust or even redwood. These woods though, are quite pricey. And it is hard to build raised beds cheap when using these woods.

What Size Should Raised Garden Beds Be?

Normally, most beds are 3-4 feet wide. Since one of the benefits of raised bed gardening is not compacting soil by walking on it, it should not be wider than 4 feet.

This will allow you to reach into the center for planting and weeding without stepping onto the soil. Also keep in mind if the bed is layout is against a fence, it should not be wider than 3 feet.

This is since you cannot walk around to all four sides. Remember, you will need to able to reach all the away across the bed.

How Deep Should Raised Beds Be?

I get this question a lot. For growing most all vegetables 6 inches is plenty deep. It is more the volume of soil inside the bed. The roots will spread to where there is nutrient dense healthy soil.

There is a couple of exceptions though. Some root crops – carrots and potatoes for example. Both of these require deeper soil to grow. I would recommend increasing your beds depths to 12 inches for growing both of these.

How To build Raised Garden Beds- Cheap!

This tutorial describes building a 2-foot by 8-foot by 6-inch bed with “untreated lumber.” Untreated lumber is not rot-resistant, but it’s perfect for growing vegetables and other edibles.

Note: If you will be building your raised beds taller than 6 inches. I would advice you to install corner posts or raised bed corners for support. I’ve not included these in this tutorial.

Materials Needed:

For 1 bed:

Note: You can build 2 beds, if you prefer, by picking up 2 additional 2x8s for a total of 5. I’ll show you how to make 2.

Tools Needed:

You can of course, use a skill saw or if you don’t enjoy power tools, you can use a hand saw as well. Remember, these are cheap raised garden beds, not for show, but for growing your own food to become more self-sustainable. Appearance is not our focus.


Step 1

Using measuring tape measure, mark and cut 2- 24 inch pieces. Lay them aside.

materials cut for building raised garden beds cheaply

Two beds can easily be trellised together.

Step 2

Place and hold together 1- 2 foot piece to the end of 1 – 8 foot pine lumber board. Using your drill or nail gun, attached these together using either 3 screws or nails.

nailing raised garden beds together for growing vegetables in a backyard garden

If you have picked up the additional 2- 2x6x8 repeat steps and build the second raised garden bed.

completed raised bed garden DIY cheap

And that’s it! You now know the best cheap way to build raised garden beds. Of course they will need to be located in the right location and filled with garden soil. Here is 10 easy steps to get your garden started off on the right track.

So are you excited? I’ll bet you are since you now know how easy it is to DIY inexpensive raised garden beds.

When I built my first raised garden beds years ago. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait until time so start planting spring vegetables.

It’s even better if you have can use recycled 2×8’s too. The one’s I used are recycled from large pallets we took apart and stock piled.

Remember, raised beds do warm up quicker than traditional in-ground gardens, but this also means they do dry out quicker too. So be sure to learn how to water vegetables properly and if needed, raised bed irrigation is a great option, I splurged and installed irrigation in my raised beds last year.

So tell me, now that you know the best way to build raised beds, are you ready to gather up new or even recycled materials, as I did, and build your own?

More Gardening Tips

Yield: 1

Easy Build Raised Garden Beds

4 raised beds in line filled with garden soil

Build this 2 foot x 8 foot x 6 inch deep raised garden bed quickly and cheap! This is the perfect size for growing vegetables in any back yard.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $17 each


  • 3 pc - 2x6x8 pine lumber
  • 3 inch exterior wood screws


  • Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Speed Square


    Cutting Lumber:

    Using measuring tape measure, mark and cut 2- 24 inch pieces from one-piece of lumber. Lay them aside.

    Constructing Bed:

    1. Stand all lumber up on 2 inch edge.
    2. Place 24 inch boards on each end of 8 foot piece to form a rectangle.
    3. Using drill, insert 3 wood screws into each corner. (Tip go in different angles to increase strength)
    4. Done! You now have a 2x8x6 raised garden bed. (See note to make 2)


Want to build 2 beds? Use 5- 2x6x8's, cut 4 - 24 inch pieces out of 1- 2x8, repeat steps. This makes 2 beds!

raised garden beds that is 2x8x6 and cheap to build

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