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DIY Rustic Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments

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This holiday season, decorate your Christmas tree with these easy to make DIY candy cane ornaments.   Not only are they super cute but they are perfect for adding a touch of primitive country or a rustic feel to your Christmas decorations.  

In this simple tutorial, you’ll not only learn how to make these adorable fabric wrapped candy cane ornaments but also lots of ideas for using them in addition to just being  handmade Christmas ornaments.

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ornaments to make at Christmas time. So I’m sure you will love these 39 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas that can be done in less than 15 minutes. It include lots of handmade ornaments!

Easy Rustic Candy Cane Ornaments

I found these plastic candy canes at the Dollar Tree. A pack of 6 for only a $1! That’s only 16 cents each!  So these are perfect for a DIY craft if you are trying to do Christmas holiday decorating on a budget. 

Using only strips of fabric and some glue, you’ll be able to deck the halls with this festive holiday craft.

For mine, I used homespun fabric to match my primitive decor, but any kind of fabric will do.

The great thing about homespun fabric is it looks the same of both sides. So this makes it really easy to craft with.

5 colorful rustic candy canes tied with a jute bow and rusty star laying on an old wooden spool

If you prefer the farmhouse theme, this blue and white checked fabric is perfect,  or for a more outdoor woodsy theme, use a black and red check fabric or even recycle an old flannel shirt.  The possibilities are limitless!

How To Make DIY Candy Cane Ornaments


Additional Decorative Accessory Ideas

These are just suggestions you may enjoy.  I know for me, I prefer a simple look.

You could even pick up a Christmas pick from the Dollar Tree and use pieces off it. I keep a stash of scrap materials and odd things just for these occasions. When you have a craft that can be made with only left over craft supplies.

The list could go on and on.  That’s why I love handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations, you can always make them exactly the way you prefer.

For me, I like a more natural old fashioned or rustic decor. So a simple jute or twine bow and sometimes a red berry or a rusty star and I’m good.

STEP 1: Fabric Strips

Rip or cut fabric into strips and lay them aside. This is the great thing about primitive.   The fabric does not have to be perfectly cut if you don’t want.

I easily ripped mine by nipping the edge with a pair of scissors about every ¾ inch and then tearing it into strips.  

homespun fabrics laying in a pile with a pack of plastic candy canes on top

Of course, if you prefer, just cut the fabric into strips for a more simple farmhouse style.

STEP 2: Wrapping

Starting at one end, place a drop of glue near the end and gently press fabric to it and hold for a few seconds. 

Next twist or begin wrapping fabric strips tightly around the candy cane moving toward the opposite end. Making sure to overlap edges to cover the plastic candy cane.

It doesn’t matter which end you begin on. I find it easier to start on the straight end (the strabe) and work my way toward the curved end (the warble).

plastic candy cane being wrapped with a red checked homespun fabric

STEP 3: Trimming

Once completely wrapped place a drop of hot glue and wrap fabric tightly around the end to hold it in place.  Trim off excess fabric to ⅛ inch longer than the candy cane.

STEP 4: Finishing Up

Place another drop of glue on the very tip end and carefully, press fabric down, toward the center, to cover the bottom edge of the candy cane.   YOU ARE DONE! These adorable handmade candy cane ornaments are now ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

These DIY rustic candy cane ornaments can be hung the tree as is or used in many different ways for holiday decorations and they even make great Christmas gifts.

Other Ideas For Using DIY Candy Canes Ornaments:

  1. Dress Up A Gift Wrap – Just tie these on the package with a ribbon 
  2. Bowl Fillers – Fill an old wooden bowl or metal basket with them for a old fashioned feel
  3. Add a few to a holiday wreath to make it have a more traditional look 
  4. Tie a ribbon and card-stock tag around them and use as Place Markers at the your holiday party table

Making these DIY Christmas tree ornaments will put you in the holiday spirits. And since they can be made in 15 minutes or less, they’re great for when you need a last minute Christmas gift.

These ornaments a unique and the ideal Christmas holiday craft for the kids too.

More Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Yield: 1

DIY Rustic Candy Cane Ornaments

5 handmade candy cane ornaments tied with a twine bow with a rusty star

Easy to make DIY rustic candy cane Christmas tree ornament that is quick and simple to make. A great kids craft for the holidays.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost .50


  • Plastic candy canes
  • 3/4 in strips of fabric
  • Decorative Ribbon


  • Glue Gun


      1. Rip or cut fabric into strips 3 ft x ¾ inch wide and lay them aside. Easy 6 inch candy cane takes a strip about 33 inches long.

      2. Start on either end, place a drop of glue on and attach the fabric then gently press and hold for a few seconds.  Now begin wrapping fabric tightly toward opposite end of candy cane. Making sure to overlap edges.

      3. Once wrapped to other end, place another drop of hot glue and secure fabric tightly around the end.  Trim fabric ⅛ inch longer than candy cane.

      4. Place drop of glue on the very tip end and carefully, press fabric down, toward center, to cover the tip on both ends.

      5. Add decorative embellishments as desired.


Other useful ideas: Dress up gift wrap; use as bowl fillers; dress up a holiday wreath; add a card-stock tag and use place markers

5 colorful rustic candy cane Christmas ornaments tied together with a jute bow and a rusty star

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