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A Great Detailed Workbook!

Dianne gives you all the information you need to know about planning your garden and feeding your family! I highly recommend this workbook if you are just getting started or planning your garden!
K. Nesbitt

Master & Grow All Your Own Food To Feed Your Family For a FULL YEAR!

Learn how to plant precisely enough so your family can eat fresh vegetables and have enough food to secure your food source for all winter and into spring! Discover how you can grow all your own food.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You find yourself struggling against the rising cost of food prices
  • You’d love to grow enough food to feed your family but have no idea where to start
  • You wish you could get away from depending on the grocery store

No Longer Fear Empty Store Shelves AGAIN!

supermarket isle full of empty shelf with food shortages
The Food System is Broken

Finding articles about how to start a garden or grow food, in general, are easy. But knowing SPECIFICALLY how much to plant is not so easy.

No more Guessing!

I’ve struggled with growing enough food to last until the next spring too long. I’m always running out of something and have extra of another. Not any more! The worksheets Dianne created in her workbook have solved my problem!
Amanda B.
Mom of 3

Being intentional will allow you to eat fresh all season and successfully feed your family all year long!

How Much To Grow To Feed Your Family For A Year

Pages out of the Canning Garden Workbook are displayed on a surface with a green background.
The Canning Garden Workbook

Using this workbook will reveal how to plan and grow a year’s worth of healthy, nutritious food your family will eat.

The Canning Garden Workbook Includes:

Seven (7) detailed modules walk you through, start to finish, instructing you how to decide what and how much you should grow to feed your family for both, eating fresh and canning & preserving.

This workbook will give you a crystal clear plan to include:

  • How much growing space do you currently have, and how to increase it for free
  • What foods grow well in your climate
  • A detailed list of what your family eats regularly
  • How much of each food variety your family consumes in an entire year
  • What specific foods and how much of each you should plant and grow to secure your family’s food source
  • Have a clear list of foods you can cut from the grocery budget to save money

The Canning Garden Workbook includes formulated worksheets to know how much to plant of individual vegetables your family consumes year after year. You’ll also have specifics of how much to plant per person to have additional harvest for canning and preserving.

Gain access to over 50 resources, from starting a garden from scratch to canning and preserving food to increase your family’s food security.

Not only will you design your common garden space but also you’ll learn how to design and utilize:

  • Edible Landscapes
  • Container Gardens
  • Succussion planting for increased yields
Ipad with book cover Grow Your Own Food The Canning Garden Workbook with pages laid out
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