DIY Fabric Garland with Natural Pinecones

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While attending a favorite primitive pioneer event, I recently found a DIY Fabric Garland I’d love to decorate with. The only problem, it was simple to make, would be cheap to do, and the vendor had it priced for $45.00

I knew I could make it myself for much less, so as hard as it was, I walked away and left it hanging there.

DIY crafting is one of my favorite things to do. I sometimes see it as a curse, though. If I come across a charming craft idea and know I can easily make it, I add it to my list of projects.

DIY Fabric Garland in rustic homespun fabrics with pine cones laying on a wood surface.

What happens, though, is sometimes I get busy with other things, and crafting gets pushed to the back meaning I never get around to making it. Bummer!

That didn’t happen with the DIY Fabric Garland, thankfully.

Different Design Options

The one I saw at the event had some sprigs of dried herbs and pinecones painted with white tips to emulate snow. The snow is what helped me to pass it up. I loved the dried herbs, but I knew I could not use the snow tips year-round.

I wanted to use it any time of year, not only as a Christmas Garland for decorating or in the winter months. So I used only pinecones for a natural appeal but left the painted snow tips off.

I also liked the idea of making it in the colors that I wanted for decorating!

But to make it even more personal to your style of decorating, you could add:

  • Lights – to make it standout in a dark area
  • Rusty Stars – to add additional rustic appeal
  • Berries – add pip berries or some other berry you enjoy

Intertwine these suggestions with natural elements like pinecones, dried herbs, burlap, leaves, or whatever you enjoy.

Deciding The Length

Immediately, I knew when I saw that handmade fabric garland where I would hang one. So the first thing you will need to do is decide where you might enjoy hanging it.

Where you will use it will play a part in the length it needs to be. I made mine 5 feet long. Since I knew, it would fit perfectly on an old primitive cabinet in my dining room.

If you are unsure how long you would like to make yours, the standard is 6 feet long. If you will be using it as a handmade birthday or holiday gift, I’d suggest using the standard.

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Fabric Choices

The hardest part of the entire project will be choosing fabrics and deciding what material to use as well as colors. However, these will play a significant role in how your DIY garland will look when it’s done.

I decorate in a very rustic or primitive theme. But I know many enjoy the farmhouse or country style. So that’s part of the greatness of this easy-to-make DIY rag-tie garland. The fabric you choose can coordinate with any decorating style.

I chose to use home-spun fabrics. I love the rough, frayed edges and the fact they are the same on both sides, but that is a choice.

You may choose to use neutral colors to match a farmhouse decor or other decorating style, and it works with any season.

Thicker fabrics, like velvet, denim, or fleece, will hang bulky—a cotton fabric will hand in a more flat look. A flannel, like buffalo plaid, will hang differently than the other two. So I’d suggest you play with fabrics to decide which you prefer.

Ideas To Use Decorating

Rag garlands can hang just about anywhere. They look great in any room of the house. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Draped on a fireplace mantle
  • Hanging Over a window
  • Draped over a mirror
  • Hanging from a chandelier
  • Across the headboard of a bed
  • Across the top of a doorway
  • Drape several under the canopy of a canopy bed
  • Lying on a shelf or side table
  • Decorate the Christmas Tree
  • In a bowl as a centerpiece on a table

As I said, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

How To Make A DIY Fabric Garland



No-Sew DIY Fabric Banner

STEP 1: Cut Fabric Strips to Length

Measure and cut fabrics to length. The number you need will depend on the length of your banner and how many fabric colors you use.

I used strips roughly 2 inches wide and I didn’t use a guide. But of course, you can make one if you like. The strips don’t have to be perfect. Varying widths will add character and more personality to your craft.

colorful DIY Fabric Garland laying on a wood surface with pine cones

To make cutting strips faster, fold the fabric in half and cut, then cut the strips in half to make 2. Mine is about 6 inches long, varied.

STEP 2: Cut Jute String To Length

Cut jute or string to length; I used 5 feet. And then tie loops on each end for hanging.

STEP 3: Tie Fabric Strips Onto The String

This step will take the longest. In any pattern you prefer, begin at one end about 6 inches from the loop and start tying fabric strips on the string.

TIP: If you can hook loops to a nail or hook and pull jute tight, strips will be easier to tie.

Do this as tightly or loosely as you prefer. I didn’t push mine very close. However, I am happy with the natural jute showing between the knots.

red and cream checked homespun fabric tied onto a piece of just demonstrating how to make a DIY Fabric Garland

If you prefer not to see the string, just push them tighter together.

STEP 4: Add Additional Elements (Optional)

If you use pinecones, as I did, or any other natural element, you can attach them now.

After you have tied all the fabric pieces onto the jute, with a shorter length of string, glue it to the top of the pinecone so it hangs straight.

pine cone with a jute string glued to the top end demonstrating how to make a  DIY Fabric Garland

If you use a dried herb, you can easily tie a string around the stem and then add a dot of hot glue for good measure. Trim off any excess string.

Then tie the element between the fabric strip knots. I used three pinecones, one in the center and two at matching distances from the center on each side.

And that’s it. Your Fabric Garland DIY is ready to hang!

More Fun Crafting Ideas

Yield: 1

DIY Fabric Garland With Natural Pinecones

DIY Fabric Garland in rustic homespun colors laying on a wood surface.

Fun, festive DIY Fabric Garland to use year-round! Simple to make and adds color to any room in the house.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $8.00 or less


  • 1/4 yard of 4-6 coordinating fabrics
  • Jute or String


  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun & Glue (optional)


    1. Measure and cut fabrics to the desired length. The strips are 6-7 inches long, 2 inches wide in this tutorial.

    2. Cut a string or jute to the desired length. And then tie loops on each end for hanging.

    3. Next, tie fabric strips on the string in any pattern you desire. Push closer together for a snug and tight garland or tie fewer strips to see the line between strips. (Your choice)

    4. (Optional) If you are using pinecones or some other natural element, attach a short string to each and then tie on fabric garland where you would like them.


I estimated this tutorial at $8.00 if you need to buy the fabric. But fabric scraps work well, and they are free!

Fabric colors are your choice. For example, use neutral colors for a farmhouse look or holiday colors only during the holidays.

rag garland of homespun fabrics for Fabric Garland with text overlay Easy No-Sew Fabric Garland

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DIY Fabric Garland in rustic homespun colors laying on a wood surface.

DIY Fabric Garland with Natural Pinecones

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