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Free Printable Herb Labels for Dried Herbs or Indoor Herb Containers

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This instant download includes 8 free printable herb labels that are perfect for labeling dried herbs in canning jars or for labeling your indoor herb containers. They are perfect for handmade gifts too!

Easy directions to make your own free labels are included.

How To Use Your Herb Labels

These adorable herb tags can be used in several different ways, and here are just a few suggestions:

You can use these however you choose, but a great way to is to print them on white card stock and simply punch a single hole at the top and tie them with natural jute around your Mason canning jar full of dried herbs.

printable herb labels on a sheet of paper paper ready to cut out

Let’s face it when we dry our own herbs at home, such as rosemary or basil, they all look similar in canning jars. So use these cute herb tags to keep them separated.

Of course, if you have indoor herbs growing in containers, use them to label those too. Just print (card stock works best) and use glue or use two-sided tape to fasten labels to a pop-cycle stick and insert the stick into the soil. These are such a perfect way to label your indoor herbs.

This is a really quick, fun project you can do in only 15 minutes. And you could even use them to label herbs as gifts during the holidays. Or give your own herbs a simple farmhouse look.

free printable herb tags on mason jars of dried herbs
Cute Printable Herb Tags

Use these tags to make a fun kids’ activity and help them to learn about herbs. They are never too young to start learning.

Download Your Free Printable Herb Labels

No matter how you choose to use them. These cute herb markers are perfect for whatever way you use them.

Join for instant access to these cute free printable herb labels. And make your jars of dried herbs fun!

free printable herb labels on Mason jars

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  1. Mary-Anne Wihak

    Hello Dianne
    First I want to say how saddened I am for the terrible destruction and loss your community and area are feeling because of the tornadoes. So much worry and grief at a time when everyone was already so concerned and affected by the Covid -19 crisis. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    And thank you for the opportunity to join your Hidden Springs Homestead community. I am working on a craft kit project to give to my girlfriends, neighbour friends, sisters and sister-in-laws. They are a combined (Pinterest inspired of course) craft and getting your seeds started project for folks to do during this isolation period. I will send some pictures of the kits when I am done them.
    I am at the stage where I would like to include some tags for the sealer/ planters. I did sign up and have started receiving your emails, have tried to sign in using the password provided but am still unable to download the Herbs Labels. I may be doing something incorrectly. Any advice? Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary-Anne

      Thank you for the prayers. Love the idea of the craft kit project to give to your friends. Sorry you are having problems with the tags. Tell me are you able to get into the members only area at all?

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