Fathers Day Gift Guide

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Looking for the most awesome, most perfect Fathers Day Gift for your dad?  Here is it the last day of May and I’m just getting around to sending out the list as promised.

Dads are super special and work really hard to provide for the family so it only makes sense to give them the best fathers day gifts ever!

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Dads are all so different and grabbing them the best fathers day gift ever is critical!  Lets take a look a few great fathers day gifts for the homestead dad. Here goes:

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

$10 – $20

Personalized Pocket Knife

This one is great!  What outdoor dad wouldn’t love this?

Stanley Coffee Thermos 

 My dad carried this same thermos to work or many years. It was green and dented well, but he just continued to carry it.

Leather Wallet

 Since it is harmful on the back for a man to carry his wallet in his back hip pocket, this one is small, compact and perfect for carrying in the front pocket.   This article will help you to understand why men should carry their wallet in the front pocket.

$20 – $40

Carhartt Waterproof Hat

If your dad is outside at all.  This is a great hat for him. It it just wide enough to protect is face from harmful sun rays as well as it great for working in the rain.  Give him the best fathers day gift ever!

Carhartt Work Gloves

Every dad needs a good pair of work gloves around the house or farm.   Better than getting blisters on his hands!

Carhartt Work Pants

Another great fathers day gift is some great work pants!  Dad could really use these when he is out working in the hay or feeding the animals.

$40 – $60

BNUS Sunglasses

Help to protect dads eyes when he is out working in the fields.

Work Boots

All dads need a pair of leather boots for working around the farm.  These are super comfortable and soft.  A great fathers day gift!

Duck Bib Coveralls

Perfect Duck Bib Overalls.   Protect him when working…. also easy to clean and care for – that makes me happy.

$80 – $150

Muck Boots

Cool, yet durable steel-toed muck boots.

DeWalt Drill/Impact Set

 The kids got this kit for their papaw a few years back and he uses it all the time. Oh my he was so thrilled!  He loves it!  Practical and useful, it gets no better than that.

DeWalt Circular Saw

Never know when he will need a circular saw.  This is the one we use often on the farm.  Lightweight, but sturdy and built tough to be workhorse.

I could just keep going on and on with great suggestions for  fathers day gifts.  The boys are always trying to think outside the box and get their papaw gifts that are not only useful but super practical.  Hope this has given you some ideas.  There is still time to order and get your gifts here on time for Fathers Day.

Even if you don’t live on a farm or homestead, dads just like tough and rugged gifts.  Let the kids give their dad or granddad the best fathers day gift ever this year!

Will you be helping your kids look for that special fathers day gift this year?  What ideas do you have in mind?



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