How to Help Feed Pollinators into Late Fall

How to Help Feed Pollinators into Late Fall

The leaves are changing here in Tennessee.  The air is getting cooler in the evening and you can just feel fall in the air.  We are still working around the homestead getting things ready for the cold temperatures that we know are not far away.

Fall is a great time for the birds and bears.  Natural areas are full of seeds and berries, but our pollinators food source is quickly ending.  They have gone all summer feeding off the nectar and pollen in the flowers and then fall arrives and their food source is quickly slowing.

While cleaning up the garden, I noticed the zinnias, marigolds and verbena that were still blooming was swarmed by butterflies and bumblebees.  I had let a large basil plant go to flower and it too was covered with bees.

Pollinator on Zinnia

I’m so enamoured watching them.  They are so wise, totally focused on the task at hand, they know winter is just around the corner and they are doing all they can to prepare.  Read more

Is Your Yard BEE Friendly?

Is Your Yard BEE Friendly?

Why Pollinators are Important

Living on a homestead and trying to grow food, its important to ask ourselves if our yard is bee friendly?  Many, including myself, have taken for granted the importance of beneficial insects and pollinators.  The necessity of them to our gardens including the large farms that are growing acres and acres of food in mass production.

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and bats are credited for providing one of every three bites of food eaten in the world, as they facilitate the reproduction of 90 percent of the world’s flowering plants.

Is Your Yard Bee Friendly

Bees are the most important single group of pollinators in North America. Habitat loss and excessive use of insecticides are the biggest contributors to pollinator declines.

Do you realize?  Pollinators can live without humans, but humans CANNOT live without pollinators?

This is a bold statement I’ve heard this for years, but really never thought about it much.  Reality hit me though when NOTHING happened! Read more