6 Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Prepare Garden for Winter

I have mixed emotions about fall coming.  Though I must say it is my favorite season for home decorating.   It’s time to clean up and prepare your garden for winter.

We have a really long growing season beginning in mid-May and not ending until late August to mid-September.  The garden gets really neglected with the summer months since I am so busy with canning and harvesting the bounty.

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11 Common Mistakes Made Growing Tomatoes

Cover page for Common Mistakes Growing Tomatoes on FB

Nothing says summer more than fresh tomatoes!  Store bought tomatoes just can’t be compared. There are some avoidable common mistakes made growing tomatoes.

Though growing tomatoes is one of the most popular fruits to grow.  Some people find it very easy to grow them in their garden, while others struggle.

Today we’ll talk about 11 common mistakes made growing tomatoes and how they can be avoided.

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Growing Green Beans: How-to Plant, Grow & Harvest

Image of pile of green beans

Green Beans are a staple here at our place.  They are on the dinner table at least 3 nights a week.  So growing green beans is always on top of the list when making garden plans for each season.    

So are you wondering how to grow you own and then what to do with them after they have grown?  You’ve came to the right place. 

Today we’re gonna talk about planting, growing and then the best part – harvesting green beans.

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How to Start a Garden – 10 Easy Steps

image of a raised bed full of potatoes

Want to learn how to start a garden of your own and not sure where to begin?  Learning how to start a garden can be an enjoyable and rewarding activity.

In this article we’ll talk  about 10 basic steps of how to start and garden.  Before too long, you will be enjoying the best tasting fruits, vegetables and herbs ever.

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