Healthy Make-Ahead Low Carb Egg Muffin Recipe

low carb egg muffin cooked and ready to eat. Hidden Springs Homestead

What can I cook for breakfast?  Do you ever ask yourself this question? I do…     Today I thought I’d help out by sharing my Easy Low Carb Egg Muffin Recipe.  

In fact, you can make this breakfast casserole muffin the night before if you like.  Just cook and store in an air-tight baggy or bowl in the frig.  I do it all the time.  Even better, I freeze them individually and have them on hand for times I need a quick healthy breakfast on the go.

Having prepared breakfasts ideas made in advance is a great time saver

This recipe is low carb, gluten free and keto friendly.  Trying to lose weight?  Here’s ya a great hot breakfast recipe.

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Chicken Parmesan Pizza (Keto Friendly)

picture of a Chicken Parmesan Pizza with Pepperoni on it

We started the Keto diet 5 weeks ago, my husband has lost 28 lbs so far, and I’m feeling great!  So that triggered the thought, why not share with you one of my easy to fix Low Carb Chicken Parmesan Pizza recipes.  It’s a hit with my family!  And I’m sure it will be with yours as well.

Actually the kids have no idea what they are eating is good for them – they only know it’s pizza and they ask for more.  A good thing and even better – its a no carb crust!

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