DIY Handmade Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial

Tree Garland hanging. DIY Handmade Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial. Hidden Springs Homestead

Are you looking for a super simple DIY handmade Christmas tree garland you can make for this holiday season?   One that is perfect for hanging on the fireplace or possibly even on the staircase.  Maybe one that is made of ribbon or live greenery? 

There are so many materials you can use when creating handmade Christmas decorations and embellishments.    And since Christmas is such a fun time of the year to make homemade decorations, I couldn’t wait to share mine with you.  

This one is made most likely with things you already have around the house, fabric and cardboard, so lets get started.  

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45 Easy Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas

Handmade Ornaments. 45 Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas. Hidden Springs Homestead

Do you love Christmastime?  I do.  Baking cookies, seeing family, and making handmade Christmas ornaments. 

My favorite ornaments ever are handmade.  

Each year, I look forward to hanging them on the tree to enjoy through the Christmas Season.  While looking for inspiration this year, I came across some really creative ideas for handmade ornaments.  Here is 45 of them.  

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DIY Handmade Christmas Stocking Ornament

Finished ornaments hanging. Handmade Christmas Stocking Ornaments. Hidden Springs Homestead

The holidays are here!  It’s time to start making handmade Christmas ornaments for the tree!   Don’t you just love this time of year?  I especially enjoy handmade Christmas stocking ornaments a whole lot. 

Making tree decorations and Christmas ornaments is a great way to relax and enjoy the season.  The temperatures outside are cooling and it just puts me in the mood for DIY Christmas ornaments and hot chocolate.  

If you follow my pinterest boards, you’ll quickly realize that my style decor is a mix of primitive and farmhouse with a touch of Colonial added in it.  So I like to call it Primitive Farmhouse.  Feel free to jump over and take a look.  Follow along too if you like, I’d love it!

Anyway, today I’m super over the top excited to share with you one of my handmade Christmas stocking ornaments.  And even more awesome it comes with a FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern (found at the bottom) so you can make your own. 

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How to Make a Twig Wreath

Natural Twig Wreath Tutorial. Hidden Springs Homestead

I have to confess. I’m not a fan of the Christmas decorations you see on the store shelves.  I am a nature lover and prefer to have rustic natural decorations over the other.   I think it’s awesome how we have different ideas and tastes.  That’s what make the holidays so great!

This weekend, I began to get a bit of the holiday season fever.  So I decided to make a quick and simple natural twig wreath for my front door.  It needed to be appropriate for the whole winter season and not just the holidays.  

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How to Make a Fall Primitive Pumpkin on a Stick

How to make a fall primitive pumpkin head on a stick. This fall decorating crafts are fun and simple. FREE Printable Pattern and instructions. Easily create many fall primitive pumpkin faces DIY tutorial. Enjoy!

All my life I’ve loved primitive decor with fall primitives being my favorite.  If you love it too, then you’ll love this FREE tutorial How to Make a Fall Primitive Pumpkin Head on a Stick.

Included is my FREE printable pattern with instructions (found below).  Handmade primitive crafts are for sure one of my passions.    Do you feel the same?  If so, you’re in the right place.

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How to Make Your Own Stencils

Image of a Stenciled floor

Learning how to make your own stencils is by far much cheaper than buying them online or in the store. 

Best of all, it’s fun and anyone can do it!  It does take a bit of patients, but if you’re a fellow DIYer, like me,  then you will enjoy the challenge.

Stencils don’t have to cost a lot of money, in fact it can cost only pennies.  You will need only a few simple supplies on hand.    

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