Give your garden a Calcium Boost

Give your garden a Calcium Boost

My blender rarely sees daylight, but since I’ve learned the benefits of eggs shells in the garden, it has been coming from under the counter more often.

Egg shells are high in calcium and can be very beneficial in the garden.   All winter long, I’ve been saving our egg shells for this year’s garden, by simply washing them with warm water and allowing them to air-dry and then tossing them into a plastic container with a lid.  You can use any type container with a lid you wish.

When the container is full, just pull out your blender and grind them in the blender, this makes it much easier for them to breakdown and add beneficial calcium to your garden plants.

You can add them to your compost pile or add them directly to your soil.

They can also be spread in a circle around your plants to prevent slugs from eating your plants.  The picture below is to prevent pests from eating the new growth of White Half-Runner Beans.

Hope you find this helpful.  What do you do with your eggs shells?